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Among Us — is an online game in which players are randomly divided into teams: the crew of the starship and the traitors. Crew members must complete all missions or find the impostors before they kill the entire team and sabotage the mission.


Download Among Us on PC is free via Android emulator for computers, laptops and all devices with Windows OS. Play with friends over Wi-Fi or online.


Downloads: 157 millions

About Among Us

Among Us  — a massively multiplayer online game that makes players think and use deduction. You have to complete various tasks together with all the crew members while your teammates are killed by a traitor. You can complete all tasks and win, find the impostor among the surviving crew members, or lose! There are 2 roles in total, Traitor and Crew Member.

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Latest version: 2020.11.17

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Among Us

Locations Among Us

The Skeld — is perhaps the most popular card. It is a medium sized card with spacious task rooms and ample air vents. Almost every room in The Skeld has quests.

MIRA HQ — the smallest card among us. It is compact in size and design. Due to the small size, the intensity of the gameplay is much higher. It also has several ventilated workstations.

Polus — this is the largest location. Which is perfect for traitors as it is so spacious. It is very large in size, so it takes a long time to complete each task, making life easier for traitors!

Free Download Among Us on PC

You can download Among Us on your PC absolutely free. The developers have released 2 versions of the game, for Android and PC, but the PC version costs money. Therefore, we suggest that you do not waste money, but download the game for free, while it will not differ in functionality, it will still be the same incredibly exciting and interesting game 🚀

Download Among Us on Android

For complete harmony and convenience, we will add the ability to download Among Us for android. But also you can download the hacked version Among Us. Or you can find cheats here. We just ask you to indulge yourself and play fair. Cheats can cause blocking, which is not good. Enjoy the game!

1. Complete all tasks
2. Find the traitor 😈
1. Kill all crew members
2. Or sabotage 😈

How to start playing Among Us

Despite the fact that the game called «Among Us» came out quite a long time ago, its popularity has skyrocketed. More recently, the number of players even momentarily surpassed the peak in PUBG. That is why it will be useful to know how to play correctly so as not to spoil the match!



There are two types of roles a player can get in the game!

First — this is a crew member where players will be regular crew members.

Second — impostor, or as they say «Traitor». The tasks of the crew members are to complete tasks and stay alive, trying to expose and expel the impostor. While the goals of the impostor are to kill everyone or sabotage life support devices.

There are different challenges for each map, but some of them are similar. Tasks can be visual, such as reconnecting wires, or memory-based, such as memorizing a sequence of flashes. The tasks in the game are divided into short and long, in fact, those that must be completed in one place, and others, for the completion of which it is required that the crew members move around the map.


This might be easier for an impostor who just needs to kill or sabotage different parts of the map with the minimap. But doing it without giving yourself away is a difficult task. There are vents that can hide impostors as well as allow them to move to nearby vents.


Now that the corpse has been found, both the crew and the impostor can report it. When a dead body is reported or an emergency meeting calls the participants to discuss the situation, and then voting begins. Players can either vote for the person they believe is an impostor or skip the vote. Whoever gets the most votes will be kicked off the map.


If the impostor is thrown off the ship then the crew members win, but if the crew member is kicked out, the match continues. The impostor wins even if there is only one teammate left.


The deceased crew members are transformed into ghosts who can still carry out their tasks. But ghosts cannot communicate with the rest of the living. This means that living people must find out who the killer or killers are.

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